LeakMaster Adult Contoured Diaper Version 2

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Contoured Adult Cloth Diapers - Version 2

Our new LeakMaster contoured adult cloth diaper has the absorbency for day or night use. The diaper has four full width layers of absorbent gauze with an interior center pad of six additional layers. Each diaper comes with an additional 10 layered insert. This external insert allows the diaper to dry faster than if the insert were sewn into the diaper. It also allows you to remove it when it's not needed at a particular time of day. The hourglass shape allows for a less bulky, trimmer fit than our rectangular prefolds. Recommended as a day weight diaper since it allows for closer fitting fashions, while still providing superior absorbency and comfort. These diapers are also suitable as a night time diaper when the insert is added. The soft absorbent 100% cotton gauze weave fabric caresses your skin with extraordinary softness that lasts wash after wash. Diaper pins and plastic pants are necessary to successfully use this product.

How is this new version different?:The interior center padding is 6 layers of 100% cotton gauze instead of two layers of terry cloth. The center interior pad is also a little wider. Add in the ten layered insert and this new contour has more absorbency than the prior version without additional bulk. The sides are thinner for easier pinning and the sizing has changed so be sure to consult the size chart below. If your trying these for the first time just see the size chart. If you previously used a small that size is now x-small. The old medium is the new small, the old large is the new medium, etc.

  • Trim cut for a less bulky fit
  • Genuine 100% Gauze Weave Cotton Diapers
  • Proven Quality and Durability
  • 4x10x4 layering.

after laundering

Front Width "A"

Back Width "B"

Crotch Width "C"

Length "D"
Adult X-Small
fits up to 24"
up to 60 cm
13" inches
33 cm
18" inches
45 cm
8.5" inches
21 cm
31" inches
78 cm
Adult Small
fits up to 30"
up to 76 cm
17" inches
22" inches
55 cm
10" inches
25 cm
32" inches
81 cm
Adult Medium
fits up to 36"
up to 91 cm
19" inches
48 cm
27" inches
69 cm
11" inches
28 cm
35" inches
88 cm
Adult Large
fits up to 44"
up to 111 cm
23" inches
58 cm
32" inches
81 cm
12" inches
30 cm
38" inches
96 cm
Adult X-Largefits up to 52"
up to 131 cm
27" inches
69 cm
37" inches
93 cm
12.5" inches
31 cm
41" inches
103 cm

To ensure proper fit please take measurements and check size chart before ordering.
measurement sizes already take shrinkage into account

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3/15/2020 5:31 am

Great diaper for deep sleep

by Bill

These contour diapers are very soft and comfortable and beat prefolds because you avoid that bunch up between the legs that gives you the waddle walk. Use plenty of cornstarch and heat will not be a problem. I wear these early evening to morning and they hold a lot of liquid with the insert and good plastic pants. They really let me sleep deep.

9/11/2018 10:30 am

The Fit of the Contoured Diaper Version 2

by Tom

I have had Prefold for some time. Just got the Contoured and LOVE them.
The way it fits me is much better then the other. I highly recommend then.

2/9/2021 3:27 am

best diaper ever

by david

these are the best diapers i have ever had. can wear all night without a problem.

8/16/2018 5:39 pm

My Favorite Nighttime Diaper.


This is the perfect diaper for me, especially at night. It is easy to pin on and make fit just right for comfort. The included insert provides plenty of absorbency without being to bulky. The material is softer and way more comfortable then disposables and these wash good and dry pretty quick compared to the prefolds I first tried.🤗

8/16/2018 7:32 pm

A Great Cloth Diaper

by Bob -

This is a great cloth diaper for daytime use, when used without the insert. The diaper fits well under clothing, about the same thickness as a premium disposable brief. Lasts all night with the insert in. Very soft and very comfortable, just ordered another 6.

1/25/2021 5:39 am

Soft, fit well, comfy, effective and easy to wash

by Scott -

While I mainly use the all in one velcro diaper a night, the contoured very effective for heavy wetting nights that often happen when I am taking certain prescriptions. Soft, comfy, effective and easy to wash

2/2/2021 6:35 am

The best

by Dave -

This is the best cloth diaper I have ever had.