Burp Cloth Diapers

We recommend our Chinese Prefold Diapers for those converting the diapers into burp cloths. As compared to our Indian Cotton Prefolds the Chinese Prefolds are a more consistent color of white, they are better sewn, have fewer flaws, have straighter sides or edges and do not quilt up as much. Some burp cloth makers use the Indian Cotton Prefolds because they are a little softer and also come in unbleached cotton. About 90% of our customer buying the diapers to make burp cloths use the Chinese Prefolds. The most popular sizes for burp cloths are the Regular 4x6x4 and the Regular 2x5x2. The thinner 2x5x2 is generally preferred by those putting a back side on their burp cloths or those that screen print. Customers who embellish or embroider prefer the thicker 4x6x4 except for those who are price sensitive whom often choose the less expensive 2x5x2. Samples may be ordered in our Samples Category.

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