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Returns & Exchanges

For exchanges due to errors in size, manufactures defect, shipping error or any other reason, call us toll free at 1-877-215-9004. You may also submit a case in the website customer portal. Outside the USA call 001-801-566-7579. Customer Service hours are Mon thru Fri 9 AM to 5:00 PM MST. 

    Returns of Non-Defective Products

 Any items purchased may be returned within 30 days for a full refund in accordance with the following:

 1- Returned Items are unused and unopened. We do not accept washed, damaged, or used returns

 2- Returns must be preauthorized.  Call, email or submit a case for a return authorization number.

 3- Include a copy of your sales receipt or invoice with your return.

 4- Please write the reason for the return and the return authorization number on the receipt or invoice.

 5- Original shipping charges and return postage are not reimbursable.

 6- Items returned after 30 days are subject to a restocking fee of up to 50%.  Items are not returnable after 90 days.

      Returns of Defective Products (Except Prefolds)

 Defective products except prefolds may be returned for replacement within 90 days of purchase in accordance with the following:

 1- We do not process returns and/or refunds for purchases that were not placed directly through us. We will not deal directly with your customers. If they contact us we will ask them to contact the business from where the items were purchased.

 2- The retailer who made the sale will then need to review the product or issue and make the decision on whether or not the items are defective. Remember, buyer’s remorse and/or product misuse does not constitute manufacturer's defect.

 3- If you find that the item(s) are defective, you may refund or replace the goods at your discretion.  After this is done, you can contact us to let us know the issue and what steps were taken to correct this. We will then make a refund or replacement to you based on the situation.

 4- We do back up your decision and if you decide that the product is damaged or defective we will provide you with the appropriate refund/replacement.  In some cases we may require return of the defective product(s). Generally this is done so we can make improvements or share the issue with our factories.

 5- Returns must be preauthorized.  Call, email or use or submit a case online for a return authorization number.

 6- Include a copy of your sales receipt or invoice with your return.  

 7- Please write the reason for the return and the return authorization number on the receipt or invoice.

 8- We do not reimburse for your shipping costs to or from your customers.

     Returns of “Defective” Prefold Diapers

 This is a special case because our prefolds are sometimes used to make customized burp cloths by our customers.  We strive to provide our customers with the best product possible and give the most competitive wholesale prices available. Our diapers are manufactured primarily for use in diaper services or at home laundry as diapers.  We guarantee the diapers are suitable for this purpose. The utmost care economically feasible is taken to insure that each diaper is as flawless as possible. However, we have found that a small percentage of the diapers may have small flaws. Flaws such as small dust or grease stains, unbleached strands of cotton within the weave, loose threads or uneven sewing; these flaws are acceptable when diapers are used as diapers but may not be usable when the diapers are used for burp cloth manufacturing. These flaws just described are just normal inconsistencies that occur when prefold diapers are purchased in wholesale quantities and these are a normal part of your purchase. Sometimes a particular lot of diapers will have almost no flaws, other times there may be a significant number of imperfect diapers.

Many of our customers choose to keep the flawed diapers for other uses such as (rags or diapering) or sell them as seconds. We assume that the diapers will be laundered before the customer uses them which will eliminate some of the problems. However, if you find them unsuitable we will accept returns on the following basis:

Our return policy on prefold diapers is as follows:

 1- Customers may choose to return the diapers for credit towards their next purchase.

2- Returns must be preauthorized. Call for a return authorization number.

3- No refunds are given.

4- We do not pay for return postage

5- Returns must be made within 90 days of purchase.


Sale Items, Close Out & Special Offers

All sales of Close Out or Discontinued items are final. We will make exchanges of Close Out or Discontinued items for different sizes so long as stock is available, at our discretion. Other sale items may be returned or exchanged unless specified as final.